We can’t promise to make changing careers easy, but Concero Technology Group is here to smooth your path.

We’ll pay attention to what you want from your next tech job position and then use our industry connections to find the right position for you.

We have deep connections with hiring managers at many of St. Louis’ most interesting and diverse technology companies. Some are large corporations employing thousands of professionals, some are tech startups, and others are established, privately owned businesses.

“I want to understand what is important to you so when a hiring manager calls with an opening, I’ll know if it is going to be a good fit.”


Concero Recruiter



Concero recruiters are experienced business professionals who’ve coached hundreds of job seekers like you through the challenges of finding a new position.


Because we focus on the IT industry, our knowledge will help you.


You can depend on us to be frank and honest in all our dealings with you.


Unlike the other guys in this business, we won’t put your resume forward without your consent and we won’t ever sugarcoat the length of a contract


  • You will work with an experienced technology recruiter who has genuine business acumen.
  • We want to meet you and get to know you. To make that happen, we’ll leave our office and meet you somewhere convenient.
  • We find out what you want from your next tech job and we look for positions that meet your career criteria.
  • Our recruiters work closely with our client relationship executives to make sure we put you forward for positions that are a good fit for your experience, career goals, and personality.
  • We understand that sometimes job hunting is urgent, but we want to make sure we find the right job for you. Perhaps you want to get experience on new technology, an easier commute, or even a work environment that has a relaxed dress code. What do you think is important?
  • Any information we give you about a tech position will be accurate.
  • Our close relationships with hiring managers means we have access to information, such as salary, that you’d never see in a job description.
  • We will share any interviewer feedback we receive.
  • Collaboration is key so you will hear from us often. At Concero, we don’t disappear!
  • And we promise, we won’t spam you with lots of jobs that won’t interest you or fit your career goals.

Your tech recruiter is in your corner, both while you look for a new job and in the future when you are ready to move up or move on. As your advocate, we provide support and advice so your career is always on track.

Even after you take a position, we are here for you!

Our favorite testimonials from our consultants:

“After connecting with Concero, they made it a point to get to know me, my desires for employment, and to place me with a company where I could prosper. Concero was a true advocate for me in the interviewing process, and my recruiter was able to speak to my abilities and interests.” — Thomas, Business Analyst

“It was a pleasure working with Concero. Everyone was helpful throughout the job searching process I sincerely appreciate all the professional support and dedication. My recruiter was very detailed and responsive, and I truly appreciated all that she did for me. I would definitely recommend Concero for employment assistance.” — Vishnuvardhan, Senior Full Stack Developer

“People are surprised that I’ll come out and meet them for lunch or coffee near their work. I want it to be as convenient as possible for us to meet and get to know each other.”

Michelle Restovich

Senior Professional Recruiter

Project Manager

Systems Administrator

Business Analyst

Web Developer

Quality Assurance

Support Technician

Network Engineer


We have a tech recruitment specialist dedicated to each of the above job categories.

Meet Concero Recruiters

What’s a consulting position?

Consultants work on fixed-term contract assignments at our client’s offices. You are paid through Concero’s payroll system.

Contract lengths vary widely but it is not unusual for Concero contractors to be renewed or offered a full-time position.

What’s a contract-to-hire job?

This is like a consulting position, but it is agreed from the get-go that the client has the right to offer you a full-time role after a certain period. You are under no obligation to accept a permanent role if it is offered.

What is a direct-hire position?

A direct-hire position is a permanent job with Concero’s client.

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